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WHAT IS Bell-Boy-Bot
Bell-Boy-Bot (BBB) helps people find out more about their holiday destination. It provides information on how they are being transported to and from their destination, restaurants that match their food and drink preferences and interesting nearby sites.

Odos Pentelis 110, Marousi, Greece

Use Case

The traveler will apply in the application the age, the gender and the preferred language of communication (Greek or English) and by using questions / quizzes and with photo options the BBB will create the profile.

Explore Services


traveler will be able to search any route he wants (airplanes, ships, trains or rental cars)

Food & drink

search for restaurant, club, based on preferences

Things to do

excursions to nearby destinations, acquaintance with the culture of each destination, shopping at local traditional stores or Malls


search for information about hotels and Airbnb