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Artificial intelligence and tourism industry

Artificial intelligence is ready to play an important role in the development and renewal of the tourism industry. Artificial intelligence has been around for several years, but we see that it is now taking on another dimension. With its ability to bring together all areas of activity, it is undoubtedly a major interest in tourism. With the data available to professionals, there are today, real-time chatbots. The aim is to simplify the work of professionals in the tourism industry so that they can return to their main business with powerful tools and technologies and make a significant difference in terms of profit and customer satisfaction. Chatbots are the ideal tool for business and especially for tourism, because it gives a fast and consistent response to its customers, 24 hours / 7 days but also thanks to its ability to store information for customers. Tourists are provided with quality conversations to facilitate their vacation, chatbots become complete means of communication. The traveler does not have to repeat his question many times to get the right answer, hence the need for properly trained artificial intelligence (AI), so that the chatbot understands a question that would not be in his models provided.

Artificial intelligence is a huge step forward, shaking up codes and the way it works. With such a device, tourists can access the right information as simply as possible and at any time.

How far can artificial intelligence push the tourism industry?

It must not replace human. Robots are used for certain tasks, but not as a replacement for humans. Referring to artificial intelligence, if it often tries to be compared to human intelligence, it is important to note that the purpose of cognitive systems is not to replace human beings. They serve the needs and imagination of tourism professionals who, thanks to their knowledge, benefit from them with the help of partners. Tourism, like all industries, is digitized and provides a data capability where machine learning can be applied. Thus, Artificial Intelligence (AI), is a revolution that is evolving, to the extent that it leads to new ways of thinking about the supplier’s offer.